07 Dec

Best Places To Wild Swim In The Lake District

The Lake District in the United Kingdom offers numerous picturesque locations for wild swimming. Please note that wild swimming comes with its own [...]
28 Mar

Dive into Nature: Discover the Top Places to Cold Water Swim in the Peak District

Are you an adventure lover and looking for some refreshing water activities to do in the Peak District? Well, you’re in luck because [...]
07 Mar

Sustainable Style: The Benefits of Hemp T-Shirts in the UK

  In recent years, the fashion industry has been placing a greater emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly products. Hemp t-shirts have emerged as [...]
27 Feb

Sunglasses For Hiking – Why Wood Is The Explorer’s Choice

As a hiker, you understand the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays while enjoying the beauty of nature. [...]
15 Feb

Plant a Tree, Save the Planet: The Surprising Environmental Benefits of Tree Planting

1. Carbon sequestration Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and combat climate change. [...]
08 Feb

An interview with photographer Matteo Mangano

Based in Varese Italy with a real passion for photography and graphic design Matteo or Sixthlens as you’ll find him on Instagram is [...]
19 Nov

A Interview with travel Photographer Simon Migaj

We want to work closely with travellers and explorers alike, we thrive with the opportunity to collaborate with real people doing positive things [...]
12 Aug

Does covering yourself in glitter show you’re a bad person?

We’ve all seen it. People of all ages caking themselves in glitter to cover up the previous nights sins. As time goes on [...]
17 May

Why we started using Ecosia and so should you

We began to use Ecosia, added to our chrome and tried it for 3 months. So, What is Ecosia? Simply it’s a search [...]