07 Dec

Best Places To Wild Swim In The Lake District

The Lake District in the United Kingdom offers numerous picturesque locations for wild swimming. Please note that wild swimming comes with its own set of risks, so it’s essential to prioritize safety and be aware of local guidelines. Here are some popular places for wild swimming in the Lake District:

  1. Derwentwater:
    • Strandshag Bay: A secluded bay on the eastern shore of Derwentwater, offering tranquil waters surrounded by scenic landscapes. It’s accessible by boat or foot.
    • Calfclose Bay: Located on the western side, Calfclose Bay is known for its clear waters and is a popular spot for wild swimmers and kayakers.
  2. Ullswater:
    • Kailpot Crag: Situated on the eastern side of Ullswater, Kailpot Crag provides a stunning backdrop for wild swimming, with opportunities to explore the rocky shoreline.
    • Silver Bay: A beautiful and peaceful bay on the southern shores of Ullswater, Silver Bay offers a serene setting for those looking to enjoy the water.
  3. Wastwater:
    • The Screes: Wastwater is England’s deepest lake, and The Screes on the western side feature dramatic cliffs plunging into the water, creating a unique and awe-inspiring wild swimming experience.
    • Overbeck Bridge: A quieter spot on the eastern side of the lake with scenic surroundings, Overbeck Bridge is an ideal place for a more secluded swim.
  4. Coniston Water:
    • Peel Island: Also known as Wild Cat Island from Arthur Ransome’s “Swallows and Amazons,” Peel Island offers a sense of adventure and history along with its beautiful waters.
    • Bluebird Beach: Named after Donald Campbell’s record-breaking speedboat, Bluebird Beach provides a peaceful setting for wild swimming on the western shore of Coniston Water.
  5. Rydal Water:
    • Rydal Cave: A unique swimming location near Rydal Water, the cave provides shelter and a touch of mystery to the swimming experience.
    • Grasmere: While not directly connected to Rydal Water, the nearby Grasmere is another option for those exploring the area, offering its own charm and clear waters.
  6. Buttermere:
    • The Fish Inn: A point on the northern shore of Buttermere, near the Fish Inn, where you can enjoy the peaceful ambiance and scenic beauty of the lake.
    • Buttermere Village: The village itself provides access to the lake, and you can find suitable spots for swimming along the shoreline.

Remember to check local regulations and safety conditions before engaging in wild swimming. Additionally, be mindful of the environment, respect nature, and follow the Leave No Trace principles to preserve the beauty of these natural locations. Always prioritize safety and consider the water temperature and conditions before entering.

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