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Too many fashion companies disregard our planet. Plastic, fast fashion and pollution are all a detrimental to our ecosystems. We can make choices to positively change the planet. We knew we had to be a part of the solution. Sustainably sourced polarised wooden sunglasses with fruit trees planted in the third world to absorb CO2 along with providing food & industry to reduce further deforestation.


High Quality

Crafted from hand selected materials, built to be strong and durable. We take great pride in field testing everything we sell to ensure the quality is fit for modern lifestyle.


Free European delivery no matter your order size and sent same or next day postage.


All our products are hand designed and unique. No two will be the same.


We believe in honest pricing for an honest product. We're proud of what we sell.

Established In


Trees Planted


Sunglasses made


Future conscious

Through our love of the outdoors and preserving it we use renewable materials where possible and ensure our products are not made to be disposable. We avoid unnecessary packaging and plastics where possible. The packaging sent out with our orders is fully recyclable.