17 May

Why we started using Ecosia and so should you

We began to use Ecosia, added to our chrome and tried it for 3 months.

So, What is Ecosia?

Simply it’s a search engine from Germany which donates 80% of its income planting trees. It is powered by Bing, the Microsoft search engine, and on the 10th April 2017 claimed to have planted 7,208,871 trees. Somehow it comes up rather controversial when you google it, perhaps because googles algorithm likes to present you with a variety of different opinions and news articles, we wouldn’t say google is attempting to tarnish its reputation as google will do this for any brand with the intention to provide the best search results for the searcher.

Does Ecosia work as well as Google?

Well we used it for a few months and to be honest we had a few random results but for the general user, yeah no difference. The searches are the same.

Does Ecosia really plant trees?

Well one search doesn’t equal one tree. That would be insane,  good, but insane. The funds generated by Ecosia help to plant a tree every 30 seconds. Rather than telling you how many trees you have directly planted it gives you the number of times you have contributed to the planting of a tree based on the current cost of each tree.

Does Ecosia really work?

As far as we can tell they really are getting out there and planting trees with the profits they make from search ads.

Is Ecosia Legit?

Based on the WWF donation statements you can find here. Yes. They have made donations every year to WeForest.

Is Ecosia owned by google?

There is no indication that it is. Running off the Bing search engine it doesn’t appear to have any ties to Google.

Sound good?

We thought so too. Head to their website give it a go. You might just help undo some of the damage done to the environment. Let us know how you get on below.

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