15 Jun

A interview with Dean Addison AKA Slothworker

We have been a fan of Slothworker’s photography for a while and were honoured when he was happy to shoot our wooden sunglasses. A really diversely talented and passionate photographer. We sent some sunglasses with a beanie and one of our hand printed t-shirts what we got back really changed how we look at our product photography.

 The hardest work I’ve actually done so far was shooting sunglasses
(how about that?!)
Name : Dean Addison
Alias : Slothworker
From : Lincolnshire, UK


What photography do you specialise in?
See now thats a difficult one, I shoot all sorts! Beauty, Fashion, Lingerie, Live bands, band promotion, composite art work, lifestyle, product advertising and conceptual imagery (that last one is my way of justifying that I shoot anything that I think will look good!)


What work do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy my conceptual imagery the most, because the process I go through is normally very indepth, being inspired by literally anything I can develop an idea from it, but unfortunately that means creating props, outfits and sometimes even scenery that before my process did not exist. I love being able to create something from nothing!


Any photographers/magazines you’d like to work with?
Sure theres loads! I have had work published in Dark Beauty magazine but I would love to be able to work with them on a regular basis, Faerie Magazine has some absolutely stunning imagery in! Photographers wise there are so many that I look up to, such as, Clinton Lofthouse, Lillian Liu, Aaron Nace, Alex Wightman and many more!


What gear do you typically use?
The main barebones of my kit consists of a Nikon D800, Sigma 70-200mm, Sigma 24mm Art series, Nikon 50mm and a few flashguns, but more recently I’ve acquired a Godox RS600p which is an absolute animal of a light and i love it! Lighting modifiers you cant steer yourself wrong from Pixapro, all my soft boxes and beauty dishes are Pixapro now and in my opinion you cant top them!


Techniques wise its all about perseverance and understanding your light sources and the way light works, this comes from practice and at the end of the day anyone can do what i do!


What are your regular challenges?
Finding time!!! this is the biggest one as many photographers i know can sympathise with will understand, doing what you love and doing what you’re paid for are two things that every photographer tries to merge together, im not quite there yet but I’m getting there!


What’s your favourite work?
Unfortunately I cant show anyone yet my favourite work so far as i cant release it yet! but i shot a very talented designer/photographer/MUA/Milliner and general awesome lady last week and the outcomes have been insane!


And the hardest work?
The hardest work I’ve actually done so far was shooting sunglasses (how about that?!) because the location was windy and horrible, sand everywhere, it was freezing cold and trying to make the location look summery wasn’t easy! but we did it and it was worth it!


Is there anything else you like to add?
Id just like to add that i am absolutely overwhelmed by the people who have supported me over the years that I’ve been pursuing being a photographer, dealing with being dragged out the house at 4am to shoot something because i cant sleep and being put in (sometimes dangerous) situations that aren’t the norm! To name a few, my better half Krissie (featured in the photos), my parents, our friends Shaun Hodson (Loki Films) and Laura Neal (Roxy Reveals) and all the photographers that have been more than willing to lend a hand when I needed to talk to someone!


An amazing photographer be sure to check out his site and on social media.

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