12 Nov

Old Youth On The Manchester Markets

If you’ve found yourself browsing our blog and then you’ve clicked this post. You’re probably already aware of our love for getting on market stalls. But if you don’t, read on.

Over the last year we have been included in the Manchester Youth Markets program, a Manchester Council lead initiative set up to help the businesses of tomorrow get the skills and support needed to set up a market stall. The MYM project brings together other young business owners to make a network of help and like minded people, with the HQ located above GoodStock on Oxford road. Its provided us with the chance to attend a wide variety of markets throughout Manchester including attending some one off events, like the UKFast We Love Manchester 10K and a pop up youth market in Youth market HQ.

If you’re in Manchester you may have attended or you’ll be at least be aware of the Makers Markets.  A an pop up event bringing together the finest and often award winning food, drink, art and craft producers in the area. Moving around Cheshire, Manchester and North Wales. We have attended mostly the markets in Spinningfeilds and Didsbury but they really do provide a great atmosphere and bring in the best makers and bakers in the North West area. It’s provided us with essential feedback and a platform to test our products that we couldn’t of got anywhere else.

There really is nothing better then getting on the markets with like minded people and speaking to customers face to face no matter the weather. We really have incorporated it into our business model as a key method for our products to be sold. So keep an eye out for our next event and let us know you experiences, views of markets below. Or if you have come across us trading before let us know.

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