02 Oct

The Fourth Phase | Review

So we have just finished watching the live stream of The Fourth Phase. We alway held The Art of Flight as one of our favorite documentaries never mind snowboarding films. Travis Rice has yet again made something truly spectacular. If you missed the trailer, acquaint yourself below.

While exploring the untapped backcountry of his native Wyoming, Rice plots a 16,000 mile course to follow the hydrological cycle around the north Pacific, where snow and ice create dreamlike landscapes on the towering mountains above.

From the Japanese Alps to the volcanoes of Russia, and a spectacularly remote area of Alaska, Rice is joined by several of snowboarding’s most innovative riders including Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Mikkel Bang, Jeremy Jones, Victor de Le Rue, Ben Ferguson, and more.

Scored by Kishi Bashi, The Fourth Phase carves a fresh path by using an artistic blend of action, story and cinematography to bring this stunning 4K feature to life. This film is for anyone fascinated by the possibilities of adventure, of the natural world – of life.

With beautiful scenic views, incredible shots, of course mind blowing snowboarding and even some surfing in a freezing sea we have been taken back that something has topped the classic. A true tale of adventure and a desire for life. Its a 10/10 from us and watching a stream of it with thousands of others made it feel like a real spectacle. Available for purchase from 3rd October.

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