24 May

The Hyena Kill Atomised album launch


On a rainy Friday night in manchester we took ourselves down to the deaf institute for the hyena kills album launch party. The night began by indulging in the one off special ‘Hyena Burger’ consisting of 6oz patty with spicy red chillis, seared chorizo, spicy cheese, chiptle mayo, lollo biondi and sliced pickles. The perfect start to the night.

As the evening progressed and a few more pints washed down the meaty goodness we headed to the top floor. Underneath the domed roof, through the smoke the duo entered. Steve Dobbs (vocalist and Guitarist) and Lorna Blundell (Drums) got to work opening with ‘Your loss’. Lorna’s bass drum got everyone heads bouncing, the old rickety floor of the Deaf Institute literally bouncing with the beat. Wouldn’t of mattered if it fell through it would of just added to the atmosphere. Then came ‘crosses’ the lead single of the new album and then ‘in blood’.

‘The waiting room’ brought the pace right down and Sally appeared out of the mist in a mad mirrored cape. magical and terrifying is the best way to describe it. The performance ended with mic screaming as it bounced off the floor and Sally fled the stage. ‘Tongue tied’ was next on the agenda with its monstrous riffs into the poetically named ‘little Jesus bastard’.

‘give me the knife’ from the 2013 EP ‘Scrape My Bones’ was a hit with the long term fans and ‘erase you’ was after that. The night finished off with ‘still sick’ making everyone in the crowd get energetic. Dobbs stamped on his guitar pedal only to find it wasn’t working. The sound tech ran over in a panic and without hesitation, a then sweaty and achy, Lorna picked up her sticks to give a Travis like drum solo with some funky hip hop beats. Dobbs guitar screamed back into life for the ultimate ending. As the last riff echoed out the crowd stood there in awe for a short period before erupting into cheers. What an experience to see how a couple can make such a full sound and create such an atmosphere. Certainly one to see when you get chance.

Atomised is available on most streaming sites and can be purchased here. They will on tour from July playing shows in Europe and UK including welcome to the village festival in Holland and Chaos festival in Guernsey. You can also catch them at Camden rocks festival next month.

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