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What are the best wooden sunglasses?

What are the best wooden sunglasses? an easy and simple question to ask.

Where do you begin… There are literally thousands of sunglasses available, then if you’ve decided wood is the way to go, you’ve narrowed it down dramatically. But you still have the same questions as before. Size, style, brand, price and then after all of that you have to pick the type of wood? Here are some simple steps to take to find what you want.


Which style of wooden sunglasses should I choose?

The first mass-produced sunglasses were made in 1929 and since then a variety of styles have developed and it can be hard to choose.

  1. The butterfly gives that modern high fashion glamorous look, perfect to look dramatic or create a presence.
  2. The cat’s eye creates an old school look, the likes you’d expect from Audrey Hepburn, both elegant and charming. Suits a square, heart or oval shaped face.
  3. Wooden Clubmasters can look a little bulky and are hard to get right. But if you can find a well-made pair you really can get that vintage look that is very fashionable at the moment.
  4. Frame less wooden sunglasses defeat the purpose of using wood because you want that frame to demonstrate the natural colour of the wood but there are some about usually with wooden arms. The likes of aviators, rectangle lenses and frame less can have that versatile and simple look but may not be the best option for wood.
  5. Round wooden sunglasses have come out of the retro quirky trend that began in 2015 and really do provide that fashion statement but it can be a daring and a little over the top if your just meeting friends.
  6. Square frame have the geometric look to them that is loved by the snowboarding community, they are usually coupled with wayfarers as there isn’t much between them. The shape of the frame does lend itself to look great when carved out of wood.
  7. The wayfarer is an eye wear classic and has been adored by movie stars in the 50’s and is still loved by music icons today. No matter what genre you will find them throughout any festival around the world. It’s totally timeless and now we are able to use renewable materials to make them the style will go on with an environmental refresh.


What is the best brand of wooden sunglasses?

The choice of brand is always a challenging one and a something really personal. Really you should go to the one you naturally find yourself relating to. But with the explosion of small businesses it maybe be worth selecting a product over the brand. Many wooden sunglasses will be made by the same manufacturers so it’s worth looking at reviews, what’s on offer and does it match what you’re looking for.


What is the best price for wooden sunglasses?

The price range is completely up to you. You can get wooden sunglasses for up to £200  or you can get them at £10. High price doesn’t necessarily mean quality, a lot of what you pay for could be advertising or edgey model shots. But at the low end you can’t expect to get a lot for your money.


What wood is best for sunglasses?

When it comes to which wood to choose bamboo is the most common form but it does lack grain and variation in colour you will get from other woods. For a darker more subtle look ebony is perfect. They may require a double take because from a far they could be mistaken for the usual black shades but upon closer inspection you’ll notice the subtle grain. Pear wood is often used as a more tan coloured wood with defined layer.  It has the look and feel of a more traditional wood you’d expect to find in the home. Rosewood is another beautiful wood that can be used for wooden sunglasses, a rosey red colour with swirls of lighter areas lends itself to a unique style. Zebra wood has very contracting layers of black and white, hence the name. They’re really striking and noticeable. Beech is another renewable wood which is often used, similar to bamboo with its pale colour but does have more texture than bamboo. You may find other woods and as more people begin to wear wooden sunglasses there will be more to come.

What are the best wooden sunglasses is an unanswerable question as it really does depend on preferences but hopefully you can use our guide to make an informed decision. Please let us know your thoughts, views and findings below.

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