27 Jan

Best bars in New York City (With map)

New York is a must for any traveler and it’s always been a place with the latest in cultural norms. It’s bars have been replicated around the world and they are always miles ahead with the latest trends in fashion, music and ways of consuming alcohol. Here’s 5 you should try and ‘have a pint in’ when you travel to New York.

221 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

The first stop and if your a lover of Latin flavours? You’ll love this place. A cocktail list including jalapeño-infused tequila and ages cachaca. You’ll find the interior is mostly Virgin Mary statues and Mexican prayer candles. Well known for their spiked slushes such as the Headless Horseman, made from, the American classic, pumpkin, allspice dram and cachaca and topped with a flaming lime wedge.

Genuine Liquorette
191 Grand St, New York, NY 10013
12 Min drive – Uber X = $10 – $14 (£7.95 – £11.14)

A ironic take on the cocktail culture that has inflected so many cities recently. Genuine liquorette uses a machine it calls a “Cha-Chucked” to widen the hole of any canned drink, which the bar tenders then plug with an upside-down mini spirit bottle. Order a Cha-Chunker mojito riff (Cruzan white rum, spirited, lime and mint). Hidden away in the basement of a burger joint its hidden away from the usual New York tourists.

13 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003
7 min – Uber X = $8 -$10 (£6.36 – £7.95)

Don’t bother jumping in a cab for this one, take a 15 Min stroll through the Sara D. Roosevelt Park and take in the greenery and flower beds nestled within the concrete and tightly packed buildings. Boilermaker is a bar built on a upscaled version of an American classic, a pint with a whiskey chaser. Partnering combos that just simply work (stout and Amaro anyone?) along with a 3 page cocktail menu and a large craft beer selection it’s something you’d expect to find in the Northen Quarter Manchester.

113 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009
2 min – Uber X = $8 -$10 (£6.36 – £7.95)

Again just take a 8 min walk to PDT short for please don’t tell ya another take on the prohibition speakeasy bar and possible one of New York’s worst kept secret. Hidden behind Crif Dogs, a hot-dog joint, entry is granted through a vintage phone booth. Reservations are a must but once in expect to find classy atmosphere with upscale tipples. The bacon-infused Borbon cocktail is a favourite with the locals.

Sunshine Laundromat
860 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NT 11222
20 mins – Uber X = $15 – $21 (£11.97 – £16.76)

Over the East river and you’ll find yourself alongside pinball machines. Loads of em (Well 27 actually). Easily one of New York’s most fun and loveable bars. Tucked behind a tumble dryer in the back of a Brooklyn laundromat. On one side sites a beer bar slinging the best American craft beers the other is pinball machines from the last few decades. And if that doesn’t interest you there is always the coin operated fortunes telling chimp.

Let us know how your trip went? Got anywhere you think we should add? Let us know.


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