13 Jan

Behind the scenes: Wooden iPhone 7 cases

After several months of working extensively, we’re finally ready to reveal our wooden iPhone 7 phone cases. with a choice of 5 woods we have tried and tested several many different designs to created the finished case.

We initially looked at creating a fully wooden iPhone 7 case, completely enclosing the phone is a wooden surround. After a few weeks of dropping, lobbing, slinging and general excessive abuse, because of how thin the phone is, we noticed the wood would chip along the grain. So we looked at alternatives. We needed to keep the rugged and natural feel but make sure the chipping issue was resolved.

We created a polymer surround that would not only be shock resistant but also flexible so it can securely fit around the iPhone fitted with an Old Youth engraved 3mm thick wooden panel. Made from 5 types of hand selected wood they really do demonstrate the natural beauty of the wood whilst contrasting the clean design of the Apple iPhone 7. You can find them in our store and they really have been well received by all.

Our love of nature materials doesn’t stop there. We are now using the successful design and added more options. So you can expect to see seashell, real marble and even concrete iPhone 7 cases coming soon.

Yeah. Concrete…

Thanks for reading.

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