06 Sep

Original Christmas Gift ideas for Fathers

Christmas gifts for dads can be difficult and another pack of beer or a nice meal might not cut it. Show him how [...]
29 Mar

Why You Should Forget Your Headphones & Walk To Work This Spring

In an age where it’s common to see people drive as close as they can to the gym doors. Only to walk on [...]
02 Oct

The Fourth Phase | Review

So we have just finished watching the live stream of The Fourth Phase. We alway held The Art of Flight as one of our favorite documentaries [...]
12 Sep

5 simple ways to reduce your waste

Everybody wants to reduce waste and the power of the internet and apps has helped us but there is still millions of tons [...]
01 May

“Why aren’t you writing a blog?”

And so it begins. Our first blog post. We’ve taken the first step to having somewhere to provide updates, share experiences and ramble [...]