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Cage the Elephant – Albert Hall Manchester Review

Upon the release of their fourth album, Tell me I’m pretty in 2015, in 2017 Cage the Elephant began a world tour lasting over 6 months. We managed to catch them on the UK leg of the tour at the stunning Albert Hall, Manchester.

We struggled to get a ticket on the release day and all the tickets had been gobbled up. The criminal (in our opinion) touts were more than happy to illegally sell us a ticket for £60. So we waited half and hour and asked around for any spare (almost becoming touts ourselves) and paid a reasonable £25. Just in time to catch Spring Kings, a band we have been longing to see after hearing a few interviews, one of which on Radio 1’s Annie Mac show and being local-ish lads was just another bonus. The high tempo good feel vibes certainly got the youthful crowd bouncing. We had heard that they had to rerecord their album in one of the band members bathrooms as they couldn’t get the sound right anywhere else… After hearing them in the huge Albert Hall we can see why.

After the interval out came Cage the Elephant all except Matt Shultz (front man). Brad Schultz (rhythm guitarist) heads straight for the front row of the audience, where he stayed for most of the gig. After a few words cry baby kicked in and from the wings Matt appeared in his usual ‘jazzy’ attire. The first 30 mins were mainly the up tempo crowd pleasers and they certainly got their fill pulsing from left to right of the Gothic venue. Matts also Jagger like moves provided the perfect accompanying entertainment.

Later came shake me down and cigarette daydreams and slowed the crowd down but a few other crunchy numbers and the night was over. The tour seems a little late since the album was released in 2015 but with the back catalog these guys have and the stage performance its no wonder they are touring the world. Be sure to add both these band to your must see list.


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